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“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!”

Are you looking to find a personal trainer? KO Fitness are personal trainers in Preston who can help you get started on your path to a successful training regime. If you are interested in losing weight, feeling physically fitter and achieving your health and fitness goals through enjoyment, motivation and great results, then personal training is for you.

Our personal trainers in Preston have many years’ experience of helping people of all levels and abilities to get physically fit. At our private Preston gym, we not only specialise in personal training, but KO Fitness also has three fitness classes available. KO Suspension Training, KO Boxing Classes and KO HIIT Classes are scheduled throughout the week to support your fitness goals. Our personal trainers can direct you towards the most suitable class for your training needs.

Personal trainer in Preston

The training programmes at KO Fitness are comprehensive lifestyle plans, built around your specific, individual needs. Our training programmes are designed to support your goals, whether you are looking to increase your cardiovascular fitness or improve muscular strength and endurance. We aim to help you understand the principles of regular exercise and healthy eating to assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

Whether you choose 1-to-1 personal training or you and your friends want to find a personal trainer together, KO Fitness can build a plan that suits every need. We will help you to stay keen and motivated whilst enjoying your physical exercise through fun-packed personal training sessions at our Preston gym.

We specialise in tailoring our personal fitness plans to meet your expectations and training objectives. As a team, we also understand that is essential to fit our training around your personal commitments and lifestyle. That is why our training sessions are always available at a time that suits you.

Fitness training programmes at KO Fitness

At KO Fitness, we understand that the aims of each client vary from person to person. This is why each of our fitness training programmes are tailored to support your goals. Naturally, through regular sessions, we can work towards developing a more toned body and decreased body fat.

There are endless benefits of a fitness training programme. For example, building core strength can assist in reducing the risk of lower back injury. Our sessions can also help you to reduce stress and improve psychological well-being or something as simple as improving posture and flexibility.

Do you want to enhance your sports performance? Or maybe you require assistance in your recovery from an injury? Speak to our personal trainers at our Preston gym today to start your fitness journey.

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To find a personal trainer who is right for you, book a free appraisal today with KO Fitness. We promise to build a fitness training programme around you and will support you on your journey towards looking good and feeling great. For more information about our personal training or to find out more about our classes, call 01772 613901 or email

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Director & PT Instructor
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Co Founder + PT Instructor + The 'O' in KO
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PT Instructor + Social Media Manager

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