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Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans


  • £ 11.50
    FROM £11.50 P/SESSION
    • Group of 3 PT – 10 sessions £145 each
    • Group of 4 PT – 10 sessions £115 each

Here at KO Fitness, we are always striving for our clients to succeed and progress in every way. This is reflected in our pricing structure. But just how much is a personal trainer? Below, we have broken down our class and personal training prices to show you all the options you have at KO Fitness.

A major factor that sets our personal trainer prices apart from other gyms is that we don’t require joining or membership fees. This structure ensures that if we don’t impress, you can simply walk away at any time, hassle free. Our personal incentive is to deliver the ultimate standard in fitness and nutrition.

For our classes, either simply pay as you go with our drop in prices or take a look at our offers for multiple classes. Our PT sessions vary based on your requirements. We have set prices for 1-to-1 PT, dual PT and group PT sessions, so you can choose the deal that is right for you. For more information, call 01772 613901 or email

Fab classes. Each class has so much variety which keeps you interested, makes the time go fast during training and means you are exercising your whole body. My physique has changed so much since attending KO fitness. I just wish it was closer to where I live but I have never enjoyed going somewhere so much so I will continue to go! Highly recommend.

Jennifer Bayliss Chorley

I’ve been to KO fitness for a few years now and the group classes are challenging, varied and rewarding. When you’ve finished a class you know you’ve worked hard because you’re pushed and encouraged to go beyond what you think your limit is. Would highly recommend. Be prepared to sweat

Cindy Dalton Much Hoole

I have trained with KO for many years now, when I started I was younger and fitter so was happy to be pushed and put my body though more punishment which KO gladly obliged. Now nursing back problems and being a bit older KO tailor the PT session to me, to protect my body, they even look out for me in group classes, it’s good to be pushed but in the right way which KO do very well, I would recommend anyone to give them a try.

John Kirkham Longton

Absolutely love the HIIT classes and they are perfect for me and my husband who have two small children and a lack of time to fit in exercise! Each class is different and uses a wide range of equipment! The instructor could be better (only joking Keith Lockley)!!!! Professional service in an outstanding facility

Rachel Louise Walmer Bridge

I first started training with Keith (KO Fitness) around 9yrs ago. I would highly recommend these group sessions, the boxing being my favourite! Really enjoy the variety and challenge put into these sessions. My fitness has definitely improved and so has my body shape. Keep up the good work Keith

Sharron Miler Much Hoole

After Ironman I was a bit flat and couldn’t get back into all those training hours. Got back with KO (it’s where I got on the road to allow me to do triathlon 4years ago) and love it. The Training is varied, can be tough (its what you make it) and is with a cracking bunch of people.

Stuart Hinchly Longton