Resistance Training

KO Fitness Resistance EquipmentContrary to popular belief – resistance training is not a mindless, unfocused activity that is only beneficial to strength athletes and bodybuilders. When performed correctly it is a focused effort. Excellent results don’t require hours per day. Significant strength gains can be realized with as little as two 30-minute resistance workouts per week. Additionally, resistance/strength training done correctly is probably the most important component of fitness in terms of its impact on weight management, weight loss, and overall health. It is also the best method of anti-ageing and gives your body a beautiful toned aesthetic appearance.

Weight Training & Resistance Training

Many people are reluctant to weight train with weights and machines because they believe that muscle tissue will turn to fat if they stop training. This simply is not true. When muscles are not used they shrink as so many people know when they break a bone. After the healing, when the plaster cast is removed the limb has shrunk significantly because the muscles have been inactive. They do not turn into fat. Fat cells are for storing energy whereas muscle cells contract to provide our body with movement and stability.

Some people especially females do not want to exercise with weights because they are afraid of building bulky muscles. Rest assured that it is very difficult for a woman to naturally attain an overly muscular body when adhering to a normal weight training program because of the hormonal influence. Females generally lack significant amounts of testosterone that prevents most women from building excess muscle tissue. It also takes a great deal of time and intense training to develop such significant muscle mass.

KO Fitness Resistance Training

Results – generally will be a toned body with increased awareness of your physical self as well as raising your body’s metabolic rate which will increase your ability to burn body fat. We will develop a resistance training program that will reshape your body. You will learn how to isolate muscle groups, train functionally, and appreciate the changes in your body. It has been reported that Michelangelo believed that inside every piece of marble was a statue waiting to be uncovered. If you have never strength trained, you will think the same way about your body as it starts to change shape. To achieve these types of results means a consistent commitment to resistance training.