Flexibility Training

More so than any other aspect of fitness, flexibility training is the most misunderstood or pursued improperly. Stretching exercises are the most likely area of fitness that will be left out of a program or given inadequate time, even though most people know they should stretch. Even if they stretch with the best intentions, they sometimes stretch incorrectly, which is why flexibility training is of vital importance.

Stretching exercises should never over force the joint beyond their normal range of motion. This causes unnecessary pain which could result in injury and does not always increase flexibility. During flexibility training, you will never be encouraged to move a joint further than you can actively control it. We do not encourage bouncing or forcing movements to painful or uncomfortable limits. These kinds of stretching exercises may overstretch muscles and ligaments around the joint which can be more harmful that not stretching at all. At KO Fitness we will use a variety of stretching approaches that will prepare you for recreational or sports performance depending on your personal fitness needs, to give you the necessary suppleness you need to support your lifestyle.