KOFitness Personal Trainer Online

Looking For Healthy Eating Advice?

At KO Fitness personal trainers we believe that the foods we choose to eat shape our lives. This is why healthy eating underpins everything we do.

You will  not find your self on a calorie restricted diet leaving your body feeling stressed (and you tired and hungry) fighting to get back to where it was before you started. At KO Fitness we will introduce you to a method of eating that is based on knowing how and why to make the right choices in your daily diet.

KO Fitness Heathy Eating Advice, what we do…

Our experienced personal trainers assess your current nutrition intake and eating habits via a questionnaire and by asking you to complete a comprehensive personal Food Diary. We then introduce structured goal setting to understand what you want to achieve, and develop a personalised healthy eating programme that works for you. We continually refine your healthy eating programme to ensure you remain motivated, happy and energised.

With the help of KO Fitness personal trainers you will also learn moderation and gain an understanding how you can enjoy the occasional indulgence without it affecting your overall goals or feeling guilty.

Healthy eating advice and nutritional support comes as part of a personal training programme purely focused on helping you to develop lifelong healthy eating habits, that you can in turn use to positively influence family and friends.

You’ll receive the following

  • A Food Diary to help review your daily eating habits
  • A 6-week healthy eating plan
  • A shopping list of foods to buy and alternatives to your current diet
  • Email / phone support outside of session times to help with motivatation and answer any queries you have.