Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle Choices Advice

KO Fitness Personal Trainers Preston when giving lifestyle choices advice always emphasise regular exercise cannot compensate for improper nutrition. To get the most from your training program you have to pay the same amount of attention to your diet. This may be a challenge at first, but once you realize how poor eating habits can negatively affect your health and fitness you will be encouraged to follow a healthier eating plan.

Many nutrients are termed “essential” which mean we have to obtain them from our diets as they are responsible for physiological processes within our bodies. Some of those essential nutrients may be consumed every few days whereas others need to be consumed daily to support health. A diet lacking essential nutrients will chronically lead to degenerative diseases over a period of time.

Lifestyle Choices & Diet

We will monitor your current diet over a 7 day period noting everything you consume within that week. We then analyse the nutrient content of your diet using the same methods as dietitians, hospitals, and universities. You will be given a written report which gives you a brief explanation of all your dietary requirements, as well as advising you of what you need to cut down or increase.