Why Choose Us

Why should I exercise at the KO fitness Personal Training Studio?

You will have the invaluable opportunity to learn correct techniques of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and functional training. You will develop an understanding of why each of these training components are important for overall health and fitness progression. You will further have an optional choice of learning more about your nutrition and how it can help improve you – both physically and mentally. At the Studio we will periodically (change your exercise intensity over specific time periods) and constantly change your exercise programs so you’ll stay motivated, have fun, and keep the results coming. We guarantee that you will not perform a flurry of mindless activity that gets you little more than sweaty.
As established trainers we know what we want to accomplish with your program, however this would not be complete or as effective unless we also consider your thoughts, feelings, and opinions as we develop an individualized training approach for you. Your valuable input is critical in helping us design an ever-changing program that can meet your fitness, health, and nutritional needs.