Ola Lockley

Hi, I am Ola Lockley & work alongside Keith at KO Fitness Personal Trainers. I’m originally from Moscow and have been a personal trainer for the last 4 years. 1.5 of those years in UK. While in Moscow I worked in a very high class hotel gym and trained many different types of people. My hobbies are dancing, water skiing and of course shopping.

I go to great lengths to help my clients achieve the goals they desire and be there for them every step of the way during their weight loss programmes.

My biggest passion is to help middle aged women gain back their self-esteem and become the person they always were at a younger age. I help to do this by encouragement every step of the journey and focusing on each individuals personal ambitions/targets. I also work with my age group and aim to show them how easy it is to get and keep in shape.

I and Keith started KO Fitness together and we are both super passionate about getting our clients results as it is a reflection on our knowledge and commitment.

You’re in good hands with us so hope to see you soon.