Stuart Hinchly

KO Fitness Personal Training Preston & Stuart Hinchly

Stuart Hinchly has been training with KO Fitness Preston Personal Trainers for 3 months just 1 session per week. In this time he has lost 1st 2lbs in weight, reduced his body fat by 6% and brought his resting heart rate down from 69 to 47 bpm.

Stuart was very apprehensive at first about paying for our services as a gym membership would have been a cheaper option. Although it would have been cheaper Stuart admits he would never have gone to the gym alone and would still be in the same situation as before.

He is happy that he made the decision to come and see us and doesn’t regret not signing up to a big gym chain and wasting his money.

Stuart is continually changing with KO Fitness Personal Training Preston and we will update his progress accordingly.