Alison Ball

KO Fitness Personal Training Preston & Alison Ball

Alison Ball has been training with KO Fitness Preston Personal Trainers since late February 2011.

Alison thought that there was no hope for her to lose weight and came to see us just to see how we could help her. Alison’s original goal was to lose weight and tone up but on her first session we took her blood pressure and it was a reading of 170/92. This was a massive wake up call for her and knew she needed to do something about it.

Alison’s goals soon changed to also becoming a fitter and healthier person on the inside as well as looking fantastic.

She now has an ideal blood pressure of 118/76, lost 2st 6lb in body weight and reduced her body fat by 15%.

Alison has achieved all her goals plus much much more since joining KO Fitness Personal Training Preston and is now keeping on top of her training and healthy eating plan.