• Track your Progress

    KO Fitness smart training programmes


     Check Your Progress

    Clear goal setting and progression monitoring


     Body Fat Monitored

    Maintain your weight loss or physique targets

  • Nutrition Advice

    Stay fit & healthy with a balanced diet
    • Improve poor eating habits
    • 7 day monitor of current diet
    • Dietary plan to ensure correct nutrient intake
  • Improve Your Daily Activity

    Increase your efficiency & self confidence


1 to 1 Personal Training


Sleep is one of the most important things for your body and your soul. KO Fitness personal trainers can help improve your well being.

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Healthy Eating Advice


Regular exercise cannot compensate for improper nutrition. To get the most from your personal training program you have to pay the same amount of attention to your diet.

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Personal Training Plan


With KO Fitness personal trainers stay well and track your daily fitness and physical activity. Our personally tailored personal training programmes will improve your fitness and physique.

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KO Fitness Preston Personal Trainers

At KO Fitness Preston Personal Trainers we know that the pursuit of health and fitness can be confusing. It seems there are always new vogues that are being marketed as the solutions to all our health and fitness needs. We soon realize that it’s not easy to decide which one to follow or which will give us the results we are looking for.

Television, magazines, and marketing ads frequently report new diets and exercise trends which often set people up for failure. We see many gizmos which promise immediate results often ending up leaving us disillusioned, disappointed, and frustrated.

Personal training with a credible Preston personal trainers provides us with an effective alternative to this mass market. At the studio you will receive an individualized training program that is structured and tailored to achieve your goals which are personal to you. Your trainer will be permanently alongside – for support and motivation, so you never have to worry about what you should be doing and if you are doing it correctly. Your program will be changed accordingly as you progress so that your results are constant.

Ko Fitness Preston Personal Trainers boasts to have one of the best facilitated fitness clubs Preston clients have seen and as the private membership is exclusive to our client base you have a personal training experience that is second to none.

 At KO Fitness Preston Personal Trainers, We offer no fads ….. Just science!

Most Popular Training Programmes

  • 01 Fitness Training
  • 02 Strength Training
  • 03 Cardiovascular Fitness
  • 04 Core Stability Training
  • 05 Aerobic Fitness

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